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Matica LES9000 Laser Engraving System

The EDIsecure® Laser Engraving System LES 9000 is ideal for high- security corporate needs, as well as government applications such as National IDs and Driver Licenses. With its innovative system concept, the LES 9000 allows the combination of an unrivaled variety of security features, such as the on demand personalization of data as micro text, CLI and MLI, tactile effects, electronic guilloche, and IPI (Invisible Personal Information), making credential forgery and manipulation all but impossible.

The Laser Engraving System also allows inline laser personalization of personal data and images on either card side, adding a higher level of security. Different encoding options such as magnetic stripe, as well as contact or contactless chip technology, can be utilized.

All card materials such as ABS, PET-G, PET/PC, PETix, and Polycarbonate can be personalized. The LES 9000 allows for the fast, cost effective production of highly secure credentials, with paramount flexibility in combining various security features, for an incredibly wide range of applications.

The EDIsecure® LES 9000 is a stand alone system for black and white laser engraving only, and is equipped with a lockable card hopper for 350 cards and optional integrated encoders for magnetic stripe and smart cards.

Key strengths

  • Unique desktop laser personalization system with up to 180 cards / hour (single-sided).
  • Advanced Intelligent Printer Management allows the production of even more cards due to a parallel workflow
  • Dedicated developed laser engine for ID card personalization
  • Optional security features CLI (Changeable Laser Image) and MLI (Multiple Laser Image) can be performed in one step
  • Inline laser personalization of personal data and images also on either card side penetrating the card body
  • Outstanding b/w tone scale reproduction with 256 degrees of grey level and black & white laser engraving possible on a variety of card materials (ABS, PET-G, PET/ PC, PETix, and PC)
  • Mechanical locks to secure access to supplies and consumables
  • Most flexible solution in the market due to its modularity
  • The LES 9000 can easily be upgraded to the LCP 9000 Laser Color Personalization System