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Matica LES8000 Laser Engraving System

The LES 8000 Laser Engraving System is ideal for high security corporate and government applications such as national IDs and driver licenses.

With its innovative assembly, it allows for an incredible combination of security features, such as the on-demand personalization of micro text, CLI, MLI, FUSE ®-ID (by G&D), tru/window™ LOCK (by Trüb AG), tactile effects, electronic guilloche, IPI™ (Invisible Personal Information) and LetterScreen™ (by Jura JSP), making forgery and manipulation all but impossible.

Key strengths

  • Unique desktop laser personalization system with up to 180 cards per hour (single-side)
  • Advanced Intelligent Printer Management allows the production of more cards due to its parallel workflow
  • Optional security features, CLI (Changeable Laser Image) and MLI (Multiple Laser Image), can be performed in one step